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Very useful, I am trying to make a metroidvania right now, and while I had already drawn it out I think this helps me really think about how its going to flow instead of just day dreaming about it. Some ideas would be a way to pin  a room in place so that its not constantly wiggling, a way to color rooms and lines that lead to rooms, the ability to drag and drop the rooms in the tool box in order to rearrange them,  a way to show that there is an ability, item, or event in a room and tell the difference between them. 

I am still going to use this and thanks its very useful.

Pretty neat. Is there a way to make everything stop moving and sliding around?

This is very cool :)

It seems to have broken. I can't select anything but "road," so I cannot make any locks!

how do you even use this? nothing seems to do anything.

v useful


Neat tool! Thanks for posting!